Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yesterday meetup with YunJung in NESA Hongik

Yesterday afternoon, I met up with Yun Jung, who is a illustrator/cartoonist/artist whom I accidentally met in Melaka during her trip last month.

She is going on a long trip to Strasbourg, France this Friday (4th Oct). Her trip is similar to what I am doing with my Seoul trip. She will be staying for a few months, do some art, drawing, illustration, learning French, trying to organise something at the flea market, discover French culture, country-side, people, perspective of life, selling some handmade postcards.

We had a lucky day. We were walking along the mini alleys or Hongik area and suddenly a young waitress approached us with a brochure of her newly opened tea cafe, NESA. The cafe specialises in "fusion tea". The menu is displayed on a LED TV. There's also a lucky draw to win a designer chair this 7th of October. We were invited to come and enjoy some drinks for free. We took up the offer and what a pleasant surprise. The whole place is so nicely made.

The usual pricing for a drink, tea or anything is 7K-12K Won. I had the Jujube tea.
Will write more about our conversations and idea sharing in another post.

Some photos of the place to enjoy:


Jujube fusion tea.

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