Saturday, October 12, 2013

Today was Lesson 2 Level 0 at Kongbubang

Today was Lesson 2.
It was mainly revision since the actual teacher wasn't here. But we got up to the "final consonant" section, and also a good revision of the "w" sounds.

It was perfect. Cause one word that is 100% teochew appeared. What is "sin"? 죄 (ju-aey) I previously had written some discovery of similar words from Korean and Teochew and compiled them haphazardly based on discovering it, there and then, and whenever I had good internet to update. So I guess I will port them over or tidy it up. It's currently still there are: ""

Kongbubang's FB Group page:

Lessons are 1000 Won for cost of material/rental/volunteer, Saturdays 4pm.

After the lesson, I walked to Yongsan Electronics Market but it was quite a disarray and many shops closed.

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