Thursday, October 10, 2013

WiFi and LAN was down for a day ALT soloution

The WiFi and LAN was down for a day plus. The alternative remedy was to tap into some free WiFi signal to have some temporary respite from the drought of bits and bytes.

I used an Aztech WL556E Repeater combo to get some B20 (bits 2 O instead of H20 got it?).

Since it is very weak signals all around, I used several methods. When one fails, I changed to the other. Else I go for a walk.
First method: Using Repeater mode by scanning a best open signal and repeating it. This mode can restrict by MAC address, so if I only wanted MY devices to get the signal boost, I can.

Second method: set as a bridge. Bridging another WiFi signal, then using the LAN port to draw the bits onto my laptop. This will render the other devices netless. But at least I could still continue to do real stuff on the laptop.

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