Monday, October 7, 2013

Hongdae Treasure Hunt this Sat 12th Oct

After not sleeping so early last night due to a very strong Khawah "rich mocha chocolate" coffee, my brain was in a storm, and when it settled I had to finally piece the project together. It was quite positive, I was able to put them in words plus the background setup.

After putting the finishing lines, it seems I had slightly forgotten my other schedule on Saturday, my Korea Level 0 class at Kongbubang. Finally checking the exact time, it is still fine since the class starts at 4pm. The treasure hunt should have been completed by 2:30pm.

Date: 12th Oct Saturday
Time: 1pm to 2:30pm
Meeting spot: Exit 9 of Hongik University Station, but walk straight for 10-15 metres away from the crowded entrance (KFC side), and cross to the Olleh shop.

Things to bring: 2 USED coffee cups; e.g. the ones from the convenience stores like "Khawah, French Cafe, Baristar".
Bring 1000 Won for materials, prize, misc.
Bring smartphone/camera. Perhaps pen/paper but since people use their phones to write, I guess it might be redundant.
Some goals: make friends since we'd be placed into teams. Team dynamics is a good space to show communications skills, leadership, orientation, getting to know people.
Purpose and Theme: will be revealed(!)

Winner: gets special mystery prize
Others: too will get some consolation
And everybody: will win new friends!

Join here:
Event page:

BONUS: After the event, since it's Hongdae area, the participants can group to go for food, barbeque Korean style (galbi-jib), have a coffee in the 1024 cafes in the whole area, or plan for some night life, drinking, jamming, appreciate some street art, take photos. Talk. Tons to do with ample of bonus time!

EXTRA From past experience:
The previous Treasure Hunt (Scavenger Hunt) some of the shortcomings was it was packed with finding many stuff and hardly getting to know the people, plus the time used was rather long. The list of items was comprehensive to start with, but then it became a battle to finish it (cos the winning team got some free meal). But with the Sword of Damocles task, our team didn't really interact but just going to find objects and taking photos of it. One guy even had a super awesome pro camera. Heavy stuff. And he was adamant to win.

BUT, it was all ended with a vague way of calculating the winner, and seems the whole effort wasn't reciprocally fun. My teammates were great people. But we didn't have much time to mingle. There was a dinner afterwards to reward the winning team; it was a bit too crowded to make conversations. And everyone's energy level was disappearing.

ANYWAY: let's have fun and make new friends for this event

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