Sunday, October 6, 2013

Playing Risk 2210AD Boardgame Changcheong dong

We had a fun little time playing board game, RISK 2210 A.D. in this world of fast internet, Xbox One, Android and IOS games, going back in time to play "traditional" yet complex games is a fun journey of real life interaction. Through the game, we battled some global warming temperatures by adjusting window and airconditioning, fought flu virus, using traditional ointment, enjoyed grapes, talked about EPL, ordered "chinese" take-away that does delivery by motorcycle right to your doorstep and will collect the dishes the next day.

Looks like from a game I used to play.
"Ancient Art Of War" by Broderbund.
(aka. Sun Tzu's L'art de la Guerre).
Has any of you played or heard this game before?

Very colourful board and pieces.
Enjoying the ultra-long introduction and rules.
Was so eager to start some battle!

Black is the new black.
Chinese-style black bean noodles.
Onions, meat(pork/beef), green peas and lots of black bean sauce.
Always fashionably tasty.

The winner gets the box of kimchi I brought over.

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