Thursday, October 3, 2013

Meetup with artist Lee Yun Jung aka FeelYes

From a previous post.

We had a great time sharing about life experiences. Our similar "great big trip" - her France trip was one of her dream planned 10 years ago. We talked about how to use the basic camera to replace the unavailability of a scanner. We talked about politics that are from our perspective. We discussed about postcard, how to get people involved or wanting to write a postcard.

I talked about setting an "artist hideout" whereby it's more than just a guesthouse or homestay. But allowing the chance for an artist (be it painter, musician, writer, yoga teacher, illustration, script writer, photographer) to stay and have enough space to sort out their creativity. Then they eventually could publish, present, make an exhibition at the place itself. She said positively eventually it could be a "must-go-to-place"!

Even talked about the Last Life In The Universe scenario of the "coffin therapy", whereby the participant(s) is to have a solemn reflective time thinking of their life, their last day, and beyond. It's quite a psycho-analysis or self-psychology, break-through psychology, and a bit of art and discovering one's self. Interesting? I can't write more, because it's still work-in-progress.

Back to the NESA cafe, we were served some Korean traditional snacks too! Look at the plate. Plus since we say for over 1.5 hours, the owner came and offered another round of fusion tea.
NESA Space Designers: the address I cannot be 100% but it's around Wausan-ro 29da-gil. (there are several similar sounding alley, the change is just the "da" to "ma" or another sound)

For creative ideas, illustrations, postcards, painting:

She wanted to use the regular camera to "scan" her creations in France.
The problem: There seems to be a curvature/vignette when taken too close.
Solution: Instead of going near, set the camera far yet on a straight plane.
Take the shot.
Then re-crop!

Good view from the top. Cosy environment.
Night view of NESA.

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