Friday, October 4, 2013

Local Foreigner Project Seoul

This afternoon, my program was to join a project titled "Local Foreigner Project" Seoul, organised by Kim Soon Young, from team Playmakes.
I'd like to invite those who are interested in making and sharing your story while living in Seoul to our 'I'm a Local Foreigners Story' 1st workshop! 

I am curious to know how foriegners percieve this place and what you're pursuing and doing here. I was also a local foreigner when I'm abroad, and I could find myself looking at the culture differently with my own perspective. I realized that when we live abroad, we tend to have our unique stor,y being a local and foreigner at the same time. 

I'd like to invite all friends from different nationalitys to meet and to find how you guys' life like here. In the workshop, Playmakes will provide a Local Foreigners' Treasure Kit to document your daily life during your stay in Seoul. 

The meetup location was at a fine coffee house named "Coffee Me Up", a cosy coffee house operated by owner Kim Dong Wan. FB page link:

When I arrived, there was a mini interview going on by the organiser, with another participant Elsa from Taiwan. The photographer/videographer was Choi Kyoung June.

Will wrote in detail in my next post. Here are some photos.

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