Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Learn Hangeul from crazy little things

Today is Hangeul Day. To a Korean eye, hangeul scripts are as natural as eating rice.

Your WiFi usually is secured with some AES encryption and/or TKIP? These are 128 bits encryption and would take 50-100 years to break using brute force attack. So imagine, now we need to learn some basics of Korean to be able to un-encrypt the Korean scripts to able to read signs and logos and coffee shop menus! So it's going to be fun when you think of it this way.

Here are some pictures of daily Korean life, crazy little things (that people usually disregard or discard):

Let's decipher this encrypted code.
1) First there are two words. First word is 2 blocks.  
2) Next word consists of 3 blocks, left and right, and then 1 underneath. 
3) First word: first letter is (almost) "l" sound and the next is "a" sound.
4) Next word: first letter is "m" sound, next to it is something "yeo" sounding. Remember when there are two lines, the sound will start with "y" added in the front? The bottom part is "n" sound.
5) Put them together, "la" "m-yeo-n". You get "ramyeon". Apparently the "l" letter will sound more "r" when it is the first consonant, but will sound very "l" when it is somewhere in between or ending of a word. Such as "hangeul" 한글

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