Thursday, October 3, 2013

National Founding Day Korea celebration

Today is National Founding Day, Korea. Gaecheonjeol.
This holiday commemorates the founding of ancient Korea in the year 2333 BC.

To celebrate the day, I made a point to visit a Korean palace - Changdeokgung. I guess most westerners don't see this. But Changdeokgung, the last part is "gung" and it means palace. So just writing Changdeokgung is more appropriate than adding Palace. The redundant noun.

The weather was hot. And very bright. Took much effort to have some good photos due to other factors like the reflection of the brightness onto the sandy compound of the palace grounds. The roof had some reflective coating and in a very deep contrast of black. So challenging but rewarding once you've done some nice compositions.

Yesterday night I fixed my Xperia L phone with a new phone app "Camera ICS" by Moblynx. The original camera app seems to have poor autofocus, and inconsistent colour gradation. I tried adjusting before and actually loved my original Xperia Ray's camera interface. Since both are Sony devices, they share the same interface. While L is a new 2013 phone, with a new RS sensor, the camera app didn't live up to it's reputation. Xperia Ray had much better photo output albeit slower shutter time (due to single core and lower RAM).

So now I have better shots to show:

Palace compound

People: All clear and sharp

Vignette created by the rooft and its shadows 

Picnic with a 1000 Won kimbap
Food not allowed (I was told after eating 6 pieces)

Olympus EPL1 and LunarFly 3

Original structural wood

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