Monday, September 30, 2013

Kongbubang Learn Korean in Seoul for FREE

Today is Day 2, and I have pre-planned to learn Korean in a proper language learning setting. AKA. A class. Weeks ago I was researching and found this site:

At Kongbubang , there are volunteer teachers who would teach Korean for almost FREE. There is a 1000 Won fee for covering the printed materials plus perhaps the rental, electricity, heating.

The location is rather convenient nearby a subway station. This is another of my top ten best creations of Korea! Their subway system. It is so efficient, effective you'd be amazed and shell-shocked if you came from even Japan. The fee is usually about 1000 Won (plus tax about 1100 Won). You can go almost ANYWHERE with this minimal fee. Then you are allowed to transfer up to 4-5 more buses. There are over 400 subway stations. Perhaps even more. I have to check and re-write this. Just a look at their subway map is like looking at the Chemistry 101 - Periodic Table, colourful informative, and amazement when you are able to put the Hydrogen and Oxygen and smiling happily because they fit perfectly due to the electron count.

Well I will write a detailed subway series.

So back to Kongbubang, I will attend the first lesson this Saturday. 5th Oct.

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