Thursday, October 10, 2013

Deciphering Monster Baby Setue

Walking the walk around Hongdae, and eating mainly convenience store food (kimbap, dosirak), it came across me that there should be western fast food ie. burgers and fries. I saw the attractive local joint called "Lotteria". It's brightly coloured and have similar use of colour scheme like other fast food burger joints. It's not Lottery - topia. (from Insectopia).

Meandering the small roads to the supermateu that I frequent, I came downwards to the subway area and found on the corner a Burger King shop.

I was impressed by the menu layout. The "Hero Set" is priced within a set of dosirak's price. Between 3600 and 3900 KRW.

But my language skills are not at a comprehensible conversational level yet. Level Zero according to Kongbubang. (see Kongbubang label)

So today, after I got my internet running again, I was determined to break at least part of the code. I saved up the receipts and began to do it.

The first receipt was the one I wasn't liking so much. It turned out to be: Dalrim Seteu. (

The next, is "Monster Baby Seteu". (몬스터베이비) I wouldn't have thought of that creative name. There was a (C) next to the Monster Baby word, and initially thought it was "Set C". It is the copyright logo!

So with that deciphered, I cross search online using the Korean scripts instead of previously searching "Burger King Menu Korea" that ended up results from Insectopia.

Wow, I found a treasure trove of the King's ransom. Burger King's own fan club. It is or not, the photos don't lie. Specially taken photos, updated with the brilliant menu that I can only see in the Burger King's counter top yet ashamed to want to take a photo of it since there is a long queue and staff were wondering why a "Korean" man couldn't read well. Is it a guy from "Miracle in Cell No 7"?

The link:
By: (Bromilife)

This card was for me.
How to use it? Points, discounts?
Plus a wet-towel compliments of Burger King Hero Set.

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