Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hi Seoul Fest Oct 2013

Yesterday while walking in the Changdeokgung and Insadong area, I decided to walk to the place I stayed previously Somerset Residence to read some "business news" and taking some photos there. Then I made a point to continue towards Gwanghwamun area. Even though I've been to Gyeongbokgung, the area directly in front of it, the waterfall, statue of King Sejong and Yi Sun Shin are the ones I've missed out.

It's officially Autumn. 

Upon reaching the area, there were some performance on a makeshift stage towards the west of the statues. I was given a leaflet. This is Hi Seoul Fest October 2013. Apparently for the Autumn session. There are 4 festival per year. Wow! So much celebrations going on top of the public holiday which was National Founding Day.

In the leaftlet, one particular section I am interested is the "Off Program".

Hi Seoul Festival 2013 launches "Off Program" which is for the artists participating voluntarily and communicating freely with audience".

Among the ones I find amusing and might want to watch:
The water fight show (too old war): Non verbal performance showing the hostility and conflicts among people through water fights. By "The theatre feel-tong". (5 Oct, Sat, 4pm, Cheonggye Plaza) Chyeonggyecheonro, Cheonggye 3-ga.

Bibap: Highlight performance of "Bibap", a non-verbal performance based on using the Korean traditional meal, bibimbap. By "Persona Inc". (5 Oct, Sat, 13:30, 15:00, 17:30, Seoul Plaza, Seoul Citizen's Hall)

Somerset Residence courtyard

Very peaceful surrounding.

Performing Gentleman routine.

King Sejong (Sae Jong Dae Wang)

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