Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two nights on a comfy single bed goshiwon style

There's nothing better than a firm bed. A bed shouldn't be too soft, nor hard like a floor. But firm is a combination of both strength and malleability. It should be able to support our body weight especially at space on the trough of the lumbar curve, the hips, the parts where our body has more mass.

As a comparison: There more often too much "softness" in hotel beds, 5 star hotels and Tune Hotel's bed. The new tech honeycomb design, with air pocket sponge doesn't treat the body well.

So back to my short story. I'm living in a goshiwon with a strong firm bed that is still comfortably not hard. Well you have to think as the goshiwon owner. Perhaps it should last 5 years of "heavy duty" usage by dozens of students renting the place, in and out throughout the year. Investing in a proper quality bed would seem expensive but eventually it would last long instead of a yearly change of bed.

Besides the condition of the bed, the positioning is a winner. The reason I am emphasizing this aspect is that most other goshiwon, the bed position is stuck at a corner whereby it is lodged onto a section of a desk or table, whereby your legs (or if you choose your head position) will be just beneath that extra real estate of a flat tabletop.

Here's my current bed. Do check out other pages with goshiwon and compare the photo of the bed position. Else there are plenty of hotels, motels, guesthouses. Local people even though living within Seoul area uses motel/hotel when they rather stay a night than travel back to outskirts or suburbs. So there are plenty of choices and price range.

1980's style filter to suit the "ambiance"!

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