Thursday, October 10, 2013

IU is Lee Sunshin

After learning more hangeul, I am able to decipher some interesting facts about my current favourite Korean drama. When the hallyu craze set forth along Thailand in 2004, I was still busy with my online work in the internet cafe, whereby I had just 2-3hours max (due to laptop battery life in those days), but I can't stop noticing the people in the cafe were listening and watching Korean movies, drama, songs. This Thai cafe attendant, she kept singing some songs and now I remember them: I Think I (by Byul).

The last 1.5 days, the internet was down. (see previous post)

So I have been watching several episodes of "You Are The Best, Lee Sunshin". (I am not using the Soon Shin transliteration cos it's very American ie. using common words like "soon" to replace actual translation. The reason is, soon (pun not intended), you'll end up mixed up in the mind still thinking in English words. E.g. when you see "sundae" you will think it is a sweet dessert).

So "Sunshin" is better. Similarly this happens alot in Thai transliteration whereby it messes up your language learning. Like "kao paad puu" (rice fried with crabmeat) becomes the very wrong "cow pad poo".

IU aka Lee Sunshin

Due to some restrictions by KBSWorld, they only allow a slather of "10 minutes" preview of each episode. I was making up the drama by my own imaginative drama to connect the dots of the next 50 minutes per episode, and some basing on flashbacks of the next episodes. Deconstructing the episodes backward to fill the gaps!

I am at Episode 19 now. Still waiting for IU's debut. Oh, Lee Sunshin's debut music video with "K-O-K".

Another new fact: Lee in Korean is just "i" ie. "이"

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