Saturday, October 12, 2013

Droptop and Blacksmith Restaurant - IU's drama

Currently I am up till episode 23. Against the backdrop on the drama, these food places keep appearing since IU was working in the Blacksmith Restaurant (supposedly Italian food). And DropTop Cafe where the "players" keep meeting up or having a drink. I don't know where is the sundaeguk restaurant near her home.

Anybody knows where does IU do the hike to collect spring water? It is supposed to be walking distance from her home, since she went with her grandma and mother and elder sister Hyesin.

Why current mind with respect to the drama: 어떻게
What's going to happen next?! What will happen when IU finds out her real mother is the teacher?

Wow: this is a drama that perhaps everybody in Korea has watched it diligently, according to the census ratings, TV ratings report in Wiki.

This is perhaps my fourth or fifth Korean TV drama series. The first one was by Ha Jiwon, "Secret Garden". That got me started seriously thinking watching Korean drama will surely improve my understanding and learning process of the language. I watched another Ha Jiwon's drama "King 2 Hearts" in HD. It wasn't as fascinating due to the fact the story was part comedy, part serious (I like the types of show Ha Jiwon involves in usually about patriotism and unification), part black ops, part sad drama/romance. So it was strange for a scene Ha Jiwon was so sad and disappointed and crying, then another scene soon after, she is making her funny usual way.

This is a sample of what she does best, from 100 Days With Mr Arrogant (내사랑 싸가지 ) :

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