Monday, September 30, 2013

Kul is cool

Before coming to Korea, I was researching about places to stay. I had read about goshiwon and even jimjilbang. Plus wolse (monthly rental), and jeonse (yearly minimal rental but huge deposit).

One of the pages I came across was by Kulsiri.

What she wrote covered so many of my lingering questions. I was prepared. With her notes, I was reassured and felt so relaxed I forgot to pack my usual spoon and fork set. My goshiwon unknowingly does not provide cutlery. But most others do. So I am fine with improvising and thus have been re-using (re-use, reduce, re-cycle!) a set of wooden chopsticks and a dosirak used box.

Plus re-using a "Caffe Bene" Cafe Mocha cup, I am able to survive Day 2. Day 1 was yesterday and I will talk abit about Night 1 on my next post.

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